TouchLay Presentations
unique & interactive

Thanks to our customized and unique presentations you can create the most effective value for your products.

Your Own Presentation

Simply mix and match different modules, to quickly put together your individual presentation. We support you with data preparation and modification, after which you can also update the data yourself, whenever you need.

Possible Modules

Interactive Product Catalogue

Present diverse product groups for your customers to quickly find the desired item. This enables your customers to maintain an overview while also reading up on details.

Interactive Graphics

An extensive image description allows for the visual presentation of your products. You can highlight certain points in your graphics to e.g. provide links to further information.

World Map

Show your market strength and display your locations, customers or partners on an interactive world map.

The Form

Provides the opportunity for submission of contact information or order directly through the presentation during the sales pitch.


Playfully generate customer interaction or let customers get to know your company and products through memory games, quizzes or other contests.

Further Modules

Do you want to include additional or customized modules in your presentation? Contact us now and we will gladly create a noncommital concept for you!

Areas of Application

Our solutions are flexible and suitable for all industries. We already have a lot of experience with various industries and can therefore create a perfectly fitting concept, to make your products look as attractive as possble. Here you can see a selection of areas, for which we have already created the perfect solutions.

Industrial sector
Display of complex machinery and processes
Presentation of apps and various financial calculators
Research institutes
Visualization of partners worldwide
Car dealers
Overview of your entire product range
Digital foyer with booking opportunities
Interactive sharing of knowledge

Our All-In-One Service

We gladly offer hardware, such as touchscreens, perfectly tailored to our digital solutions. We take care of the whole process, from the first concept to maintenance and support during usage. We are always at the ready and will never let you down!
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You tell us about your expectations and together we will discuss the possibilities and create a noncommital graphic concept.
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During the next step we work out the perfectly customized solution, to optimally meet your needs.
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Every step will be transparent and provide the opportunity for you to make suggestions or changes.
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We work in close collaboration with our competent logistic partners to safely deliver and set up your hardware as well as explain how to operate the device on-site.
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Maintenance & Support
After the finished realization of a project we are available anytime and ready to offer consulting, maintenance and support for the use of our products.

Have we sparked your interest?

Contact us now and we will create a noncommital concept for you!

Customers who use TouchLay Presentations

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