TouchLay nova
the people magnet

We improve the interaction with your customers, through our software and hardware solutions.


Exhibitions and Events

Attracting your customers' attention is the essential goal at exhibitions and events. With the TouchLay nova you can attract potential customers.

Point of Sale

Through support from the TouchLay nova and our software you can make your sales process interactive.

Presentation Platform
impressive & interactive

Connect our platform with data sources (e.g. Dropbox, Website etc.). Generate your own impressive presentation in a few steps. Our device management feature allows for simple deployment and extensive tracking and statistics.

Reliable Hardware
elegant & precise

Adjust the TouchLay nova any way you want. Use it as a presentation screen, table, or even in portrait mode. Our precise multitouch sensor can detect 2-32 touch points at the same time, including objects up to 1.5mm.

Österreichische Post

uses the TouchLay nova to support sales of telecom products in post offices via "Guided Selling".

Erste Bank

uses the TouchLay nova at various events to present their apps.

4Gamechanger Festival 2017 Puls4

uses the TouchLay nova as interactive wayfinder and for live Graphic Recording (by VerVieVas)


positions the TouchLay nova in their meeting room for customer presentations in an interactive way.

Wirtschaftskammer Wien

uses the TouchLay nova at various events to present their apps.

Otto Immobilien

utilises the TouchLay nova to present their real estate portfolio.